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About Our Company

UInfoTechnology exceeds client expectations through complete and personalized IT Technology solutions with dedication to growing your business. What has made UInfoTechnology a successful organization today has been our total dedication to providing exceptional customer service and support to our clientele. We know software. We build it, integrate and enhance it, maintain it and support it—meeting our clients' needs with the right technology solution.

Your It Assets Are In Safe Hands

UInfoTechnology specializes in information technology consulting so your business’ IT systems and strategies are up-to-date and fit your needs. UInfoTechnology your company experienced business technology consulting in an unbiased and helpful manner. That is establish in Dhanbad City. We will work with your offers to provide you with the correct tech consulting solution for your needs. If your company already has an internal IT department, we will work with them to assist with a specific project implementation, give advice concerning IT strategic plans, or fill any other technology consulting needs. UInfoTechnology supports your business with the computer consultant services to take your business efficiency to the next level. UInfoTechnology has years of experience administering information technology consulting for clients of all small and mid sizes using technologies from vendors around the world. This has allowed UInfoTechnology to gain insight of the different management systems of information technology.

Our Skills

Photoshop 95%
HTML 80%
PHP 75%
Wordpress 90%
SEO 70%
Ecommerce 85%